Proxybus : Mobile ticketing made easy

Combining the power of smartphones with the simplicity of our contactless technology, Proxybus enables you to support mobile ticketing in days.


Our Services

We are fully integrating our mobile solution to your existing ticketing scheme.
We offer the following services

Mobile Ticketing

We give commuters the ability to buy and use tickets or subscriptions everywhere at everytime. We can improve their user experience while decreasing the cost of fare collection.

In-Vehicle Notification

Proxybus send notifications to commmuter's phone. Next stop, available seat, "go to the back" and else directly to your app.
Broadcast information to your passengers.

Vehicle Chat

Enhance customer experience by encouraging them to interact with each other.
Gather direct information about their experience.

Know Your Riders

Real time rider intelligence. When did riders enter and exit the vehicle? Where are they coming from? Which means of transportation did they use? Where do they like to seat?

Next stop information

Know how many people are waiting at the next stops. Prepare bike racks, accessible seats, stroller's space

Location-Based Marketing

Advertise services and point of interests based on user preferences, location and time.

Special Features

Add value to your mobile applications with our technologies.
Let's improve customer experience.


Embed into your existing ticketing scheme, mobile apps, TOMS & admin dashboards.


Prevent and detect classicals and avanced fraud attempts. Anti-passback, anti-copy, anti-forgery embbeded.

Proximity Payment

Use the latest technologies as (NFC & BLE) for faster boarding.

No Action Ticket Validation

Validate your transit access titles without taking your phone out of your pocket. Light, sound and vibration at validation time.

New subscription types

Give custom solutions to commuters such as partial access to network & time based subscription.

Open Data

Free & real time data availability for the transit authorities to analyze or republish.

Our Awards

Proxybus members have won the UITP 2017 Hackathon, clinching both first and second places.

Work With Us

We developped a three steps program to better serve you.

First step

Let's meet
  • How is your actual system working?
  • What are your services?
  • How can we help you?
  • We give you a proposal for a test run

Second Step

Test run
  • We deploy our system to a part of your network on selected lines.
  • We gather data off the use and appreciation of the customers.
  • We integrate the app into a beta app of yours.

Third step

Tailor made implementation
  • Deployment to your whole network
  • Integration to your existing ICT (information & communication technology)
  • Workforce Training

Contact Us

Write to us:
  • +1 581 309 8312